I have a collection of all the illustrations of the many patents and paintings that Tom Meek has done for me over many years. Turning the pages of this affords more pleasure than one can say, any client for whom he has worked is privileged to get him.  The recipients of his paintings know that they are in the presence of an extraordinary skill - the work in every Meek painting is of a very high order.

Not least remarkable, is the extraordinary pains which Tom takes to understand what is required and his attention to detail, scrupulous implementation of the need to be master of his brief, combined with inventive and brilliant suggestions about carrying it out the magnificent results alike charm and inspire.
— Robert Noel, Lancaster, Herald College of Arms
Learning my heraldic art from the late Gerald Cobb who was H.M. The Queen’s artist at The College of Arms at the time of her coronation in 1953, I have been able to train and guide successive generations of those who have worked with me at The Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies (www.ihgs.ac.uk). Their natural talents shine through. The late John Bainbridge was one of the foremost though his ability to emulate the cartooning of the medieval illuminator did not appeal to all. I had the privilege of giving Tom Meek some grounding in the science and introduced him to John. Tom, however, developed his own talents and is now one of the foremost heraldic artists and illuminators in Europe.
— Cecil R.J. Humphery-Smith, O.B.E. F.S.A., Princpal of The Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies
For 30 years Tom Meek has been creating heraldic artwork of the highest quality for clients all over the world. Not only is his artwork beautiful but it is possessed of an extraordinary precision in its attention to detail, which is of great importance in heraldry. Whether a coat of arms is comprised of heraldic beasts, geometric shapes, colours or metals - such as gold leaf, his work is outstanding.
— C.H. Schofield B.A. Dip. Gen. L.H.G., Managing Director of Achievements Ltd of Canterbury
I love commissioning work from Tom Meek, as I know I’ll always receive something that is genuinely fresh and alive - and flawless. I’ve used his work in three of my books, and it adds a magical quality to the pages on which it appears. Heraldry is a pretty timeless subject anyway, but it is only rarely, under the hand of a master like Tom, that it becomes truly immortal.
— Anthony Adolph Genealogist, writer and broadcaster